Birthed from the Smokey confines of a remote underground fabrication shop deep in the back woods of Alaska, Class 5 Boatworks LLC, was born. 

It started with two guys who had dream to build a boat out of plastic. What was just a dream came together the winter of 2014, to design and build a boat which has never been available to the Alaskan and the North American market, a boat fabricated out of thermoplastic. 


 We assembled a talented team of people, project managers, engineers, fabricators and a boat designer with Kiwi blood, all of which had the vision to do something that others thought was not possible. Through prayer we asked God for wisdom as we stepped outside our normal plastic fabrication experience to build boats.

Working with sound engineering and our certified plastic welding team, we used 3D CAD design, 3-axis CNC machining and some innovative ideas to create a true Rough Duty Boat for Alaska and beyond.