About Us

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Our Beginnings

In 2005, Owner Bob Tsigonis and Operations Manager Jerry Fleishman of Lifewater Engineering Company, began designing and fabricating aboveground wastewater treatment systems out of thermoplastic. Shortly thereafter, they began fabricating custom tanks for a wide variety of clients such as the Large Animal Research Station at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Lifewater Engineering, founded on innovation, quickly earned a reputation of manufacturing high quality, thermoplastic tanks that hold water IN. In the winter of 2014, Class 5 Boatworks LLC was founded when Bob and Jerry decided to design and build plastic ‘tanks’ that keep water OUT, starting our line of Rough Duty Boats. Through prayer we asked God for wisdom as we began this journey of boat manufacturing.

Class 5 Boatworks is based out of Fairbanks, Alaska. Our location allows us access to a variety of rivers that the state has to offer. Our office is located adjacent to a float pond, providing testing waters out our back door!

The team of talented individuals at Class 5 Boatworks LLC brings expertise from a variety of industries including Civil, Environmental, and Mechanical Engineering, Plastic Manufacturing, Carpentry, and Mechanics/recreational power-plant design in order to bring you a better product.